Moxa Intros Industrial Cellular Gateway for M2M Video-Over-LTE

OnCell_G3470AMoxa is helpingsystem integratorsembrace and take full advantage of LTE to transform M2M applications by introducingtheirfirst LTE cellular gateway, theOnCell G3470A-LTE. The unitfeaturesan integrated, high-speed 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch that allows up to four devices to be connected with the ability to NAT and route between the cellular connection and the wired ports.

To enhance reliability, a key for industrial users, the OnCell G3470A-LTEis equipped withbuilt-in power and antennaisolation to fight against EMI, along with Dual SIM support for cellular connection redundancy, dual power input, and innovative GuaranLink technology for connectivity. Together these features ensure uninterrupted video streaming over LTE networks in harsh and demanding industrial environments.

The OnCell G3470A-LTE comes with Moxa’s OnCell Central Manager v2.0 software,an industrial-grade centralized solution that allows up to 2,000 OnCell network devices to be configured, managed and monitored on the Internet.

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