LitePoint Announces First Over-The-Air Test System for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

LitePoint has released the first over-the-air test solution for the characterization and verification of Bluetooth low energy devices (also known as Bluetooth Smart). The LitePoint Bluetooth Advanced test system is a breakthrough for Bluetooth low energy product developers as they strive to balance getting to market first, while ensuring the highest levels of quality.

“Bluetooth low energy has become one of the most widely deployed wireless technologies on the market and its adoption shows no sign of slowing down. Winning the IoT race will come down to two things getting there first, with the highest quality. LitePoint’s Bluetooth Advanced is the only test solution on the market that is able to characterize and verify Bluetooth low energy devices via over-the-air testing. This enables product developers to get their products to market quickly with assured quality because they can be tested fully assembled ensuring the performance of all components, including the antenna,” said Adam Smith, director of Product Marketing at LitePoint.

While the Bluetooth Advanced solution is ideal for testing devices in manufacturing,its also designed for the lab,during the design phase of product creation.

Smith added, “To get to market fast, you first have to get your product out of the lab and into mass production. The Bluetooth Advanced test solution is easy to implement, easy to use, and provides excellent insight into the RF performance, allowing product developers to optimize their design and get their product to market quickly. With Bluetooth Advanced,product developers can focus on their product, not on how to test it.”

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