Laird Antennas Enable Connected Car and Enhance Driving Experience

Laird4GLTELaird has announced that their LTE/MIMO antennas will be installed on a major domestic automobile manufacturer’s North American vehicles, beginning model year 2015. The Laird antennas enable 4G LTE cellular connection to mobile devices, infotainment and safety options inside the vehicle. This offers drivers and passengers a superior in vehicle experience with a full range of features they have come to expect in a connected car.

The installation of Laird’s antennas is the first application of LTE/MIMO (Long-Term Evolution/Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology for any domestic North American automaker. The antennas provide enhanced cellular connectivity and data throughput, allowing for faster upload and download speeds. Along with superior cellular connection, the Laird antennas also provide satellite radio, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) along with AM/FM radio in a single antenna solution.

New technology is stimulating rapid change in the automotive industry and the LTE/MIMO antennas from Laird are part of this trend. The Laird antennas enable infotainment, safety and diagnostic systems, advancing the concept of connected cars. The antennas provide internet access to the connected vehicle and allow it to share the internet with devices inside and outside the vehicle. The connected car has special features that tap into the internet and provide information to the driver including speed, accident or traffic information.  It also enables the driver to access smartphone apps, navigation, music player and car diagnostic systems from one single in-dash system.

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