Kvaser Presents the Ethercan Light HS: The Simplest CAN-to-Ethernet Gateway Solution

KVR_Press2Meet the Ethercan Light HS, Kvaser’s answer to CAN-to-Ethernet connectivity. This compact, lightweight device fosters Internet of Things type communication between other CAN hardware. More importantly, it allows users to access real-time CAN data remotely something impossible with traditional USB connectivity. While primarily used in industrial automation and, more recently, the auto industry, the Ethercan Light HS has big implications for a wide array of sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical devices and innovative design, like robotics and large-scale solar equipment.

President Lars-Berno Fredriksson said of the innovative device, “Kvaser is proud to bring simple, well-designed CAN bus products, like the Ethercan, to the market. Our aim is for our hardware to bring users greater access to all of CANs varied possibilities.”

While CAN-to-Ethernet connectivity isn’t a new concept, it is one plagued by complex and cumbersome hardware. The Ethercan Light HS can detect and adjust for changing Ethernet cable connections (be it straight-through or crossover), and the gateway device ensures the smooth collection and transmission of real-time data, despite small internet disruptions. Additionally, the Ethercan features:

  • High-speed CAN connection, up to 1 Megabit per second
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or through CAN devices, like the T-Cannector v2
  • Factory reset button for returning to default setting for the Ethercans IP address
  • Full compatibility with J1939, CANopen, NME 2000R and DeviceNet
  • Lightweight, compact, galvanically isolated shell

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