GNS Unveils GPS Antenna Module with 16 mW Ultra Low Power Consumption

GNS-761338GNS has released its ultra low power GPS antenna modules GNS601uLP and GNS302uLP.With 16 mW the GNS601uLP sets a new benchmark in power consumption.The tiny GPS modules are equipped with a 66 channel GPS chip.

The new GPS modules can be used for battery powered deviceslike asset or pet tracker, golf equipment, IoT devices, mobile phones,personal navigaton devices, GPS for drones , personal fitness tracker orsport watches and can increase their battery lifetime dramatically.

“From my knowledge these are the lowest power GPS Antenna modules on the market right now., said Bernd Bierwisch CEO, GNS GmbH.”Its very useful to increase the battery lifetime of your GPS product by replacing your power-hungry GPS module. Especially in emergency call systems or tracker/logger it is essential to have a long battery lifetime “

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