Digi International Launches the XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit

Digi-xbeezigbeecloudkitDigi International has launched the XBee ZigBee Cloud kit, an all-in-one kit that allows anyone with an interest in M2M and the Internet of Things to build a wireless hardware prototype, connect it to the Internet, and control it from the cloud. The XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit is simple enough to help non-engineers get their creations connected to the cloud in 30 minutes and flexible enough for professionals to build rapid prototypes with advanced programming and cloud-based data sets.

Built around Digi’s XBee ZigBee Gateway, the XBee ZigBee Cloud kit includes code examples and powerful tools to easily create cloud-connected projects. It includes access to the Internet which enables remote control of the device and data through a customizable application.

Each kit contains: one XBee Gateway – ZigBee to Ethernet/Wi-Fi, one XBee-PRO ZigBee 2.4 GHz module, one development board with breadboard and a slue of prototyping components. These components include wires, LEDs, relay, resistors, temp sensor, a sample Web application (Runs on Heroku) that is Open Source with configurable widgets and an Integrated with Device Cloud.

Attend Digi International’s Presentation at the Upcoming IoT North America Conference

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