ComNet Introduces Enhanced Security Managed Switch for Use in Demanding Cyber Security Applications

ComNetRLGE2FE16RComNet has expanded the Reliance product line for the utility and industrial markets. The RLGE2FE16R is the companys first Ethernet switch/router that is designed specifically for use in electrical utility substations and switchyards, heavy manufacturing facilities, and as railway track-side electronic equipment.

Fully compliant with IEC6185-3 and IEEE1613 class 2, it is for use where high levels of electromagnetic interference are routinely encountered. The switch/router is designed to prevent unauthorized access to a network and offers an enhanced security version that easily allows for secure firewalls to be setup where multiple levels of authentication must be followed before access is granted. User APA (Authentication Proxy Access) controls remote use access and communications to network edge devices. The RLGE2FE16R is designed to meet NERC-CIP-5 guidelines and is an ideal platform for deploying a highly secure communications and networking gateway.

This feature-rich managed 18-Port Ethernet switch offers Ethernet layer 2 switching & layer 3 IP routing with integrated VPN and link protection per ITU-T G.8032. It has 16 10/100Mbps ports with optional PoE and two gigabit combination SFP/TX uplink ports for for use as an aggregation point. An internal 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular radio is also available for remote deployments.

With an optional internal terminal server, legacy RS-232 and RS-485 serial data RTUs and IEDs can be directly connected to the RLGE2FE16R. By substituting 8 of the 10/100TX ports with optional SFP ports, it may be used as a convenient aggregation device.

According to Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet CEO and President, The security of our utilities and power generation facilities is a real threat. If a utility substation is brought down, the repercussions become unfathomable. ComNet made the decision to bring this switch/router to market to help secure these types of facilities and we believe these new Reliance product additions will be an effective solution in preventing unauthorized network access.

The RLGE2FE16R line offers numerous product innovations that will soon be required in many different markets. The increased level of unauthorized access prevention will be a benefit to other markets such as physical security and Intelligent Transportation. As more and more of these IP Networks are in place, preventing those who wish to disrupt them becomes paramount.

The Reliance line represents ComNets decision to provide highly ruggedized and secure products for the utility and industrial markets. It is a major undertaking, but we believe there is a great need for these products, said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. ComNet will offer a Lifetime Product Guarantee with the Reliance line and this will differentiate ComNet from other manufacturers and creates significant value for the user, Haight concluded.

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