Broadcom Announces 60 GHz Wireless Mesh Solution for Wireless Infrastructure

Broadcom Limited has announced a 60 GHz wireless mesh (60G WiMesh) chipset solution designed for wireless infrastructure applications including mobile backhaul and wireless access points. The chipset consists of a BCM20130 baseband SoC and a BCM20138 RF transceiver chip, both of which are implemented in standard CMOS process. Based on innovative steerable beamforming technology, the chipset provides a highly robust, cost-effective 60 GHz wireless solution addressing the last-mile problem for wireless infrastructure.

Broadcoms unique 60G WiMesh technology enables a baseband SoC to connect to multiple RF transceiver chips, supporting large phased array antennae to extend data transmission range. The solution can also employ a custom time division duplex (TDD) protocol to facilitate long range point-to-multipoint links to enable a robust wireless mesh network.

Compared with other 60 GHz wireless solutions on the market, which are either short range or expensive, the Broadcom 60G WiMesh solution does not need high gain fixed antennae and allows the formation of a self-organizing, community-based wireless mesh network in the 60 GHz spectrum, which minimizes equipment and infrastructure costs and provides a highly efficient, high bandwidth data delivery for mobile backhaul.

Built upon a well-established RF/Analog CMOS design and standards based solution, the Broadcom 60G WiMesh solution is the first in the industry to support wireless mesh networking in the 60 GHz band with link distances between nodes up to hundreds of meters, making it ideal for use in wireless backhaul. Furthermore, the 60G WiMesh technology bolsters Broadcoms Wi-Fi leadership and enables us to deliver the best user experience by providing end-to-end multi-Gbps connectivity, said Michael Hurlston, senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Connectivity Products Division at Broadcom.

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