Antenova Releass Three new Families of Antennas for M2M and IoT Markets

Antenova Ltd. is announcing three entirely new families of antenna products that utilize new design approaches to take the company’s product ranges to a new level for the M2M, wearable technology and IoT markets. Several antennas from each new product family are to be released during 2015, with the first, a new miniature ceramic antenna becoming available in May.

Each of the three new product families comprises embedded antennas of a particular style, and they are to be marketed with three distinctive new brand names: lamiiANT, ceriiANT, and flexiiANT.

lamiiANT is a family of antennas manufactured from FR4 materials. These SMD antennas use the latest in dielectric constant laminate substrates. They are suitable for all wireless applications ranging from 680 to 2,700 MHz, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, ISM, cellular, LTE, GNSS and more.

ceriiANT is a family of miniature ceramic antennas that have been scaled down to amazingly small sizes. They are tiny, highly efficient antennas that perform well close to the human body. They are suitable for connected consumer devices, wearable technology and M2M applications.

flexiiANT, the third of the new product families, is a group of flexible FPC antennas, with a cable and connector, that are attached to the underside covering or housing of a customers’ product. They are suitable for numerous different applications and can be used in any wireless electronic market.

Antenova has created the three new antenna families to meet the increasing demand for wireless connectivity in the growing M2M, wearables and IoT markets.They will be used in consumer applications such as connected watches, tracking technology, and fitness devices, and will also have commercial applications in industry, automotive design, security and environmental controls.


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