ProSoft Connect: Make the IIoT Work For You

ProSoft Connect is a new, secure, cloud-native platform designed to help customers realize the value of the Industrial Internet of Things now and for years to come.

The platforms Web interface is intuitive, and was designed based on information gleaned from more than 100 customer interviews. The service features EasyBridge technology, enabling a PC to connect to a remote network, and letting software tools such as RSLinx, Studio 5000, Unity, and TIA Portal work without routing. This enables users to browse their remote network for devices, making it as easy as having their PC plugged right into the remote switch.

ProSoft Technologys first product to use this service was the ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway. Customers can get remote access to their ICX35 gateways from anywhere in the world. 4G LTE connectivity with fallback to 3G ensures a longer service life and clear coverage worldwide. Other services and products will be added over time to help users gain additional benefits from the IIoT.

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