Advantech Launches Compact Modular IPC Platform with Innovative i-Modules for Flexible Expansion

Advantech-mic7500Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group has launched of the MIC-7500, a compact modular inter-process communication (IPC) platform along with Advantech’s innovative optional expansion i-modules. The MIC-7500 is an industrial-grade platform equipped with a 6th generation Intel Core i processor, widely employed for factory and machine automation. Advantech’s i-modules are designed to be integrated with the MIC-7500 and provide economical and flexible expansion on demand. They MIC-7500′s module design enables customers to use a single IPC platform for all applications, thereby improving maintenance efficiency, eliminating compatibility issues and reducing overall costs.

The MIC-7500 features rich I/O that support diverse communication requirements and devices, including external sensors, controllers, and displays. Advantech’s i-modules provide important value-added options for flexible expansion. Currently, the i-modules comprise of 2x slots, 4x slots, and 2 x slots with 2×2 5 hot-swappable tray; however, Advantech plans to develop additional i-modules to fulfill future customer needs. Besides satisfying diverse I/O requirements, Advantech’s i-modules are easy to assemble and have a simple upgrade path. Additionally, the MIC-7500 IPC platform can be integrated with a wide range of i-modules to support diverse applications.

The MIC-7500 is compatible with a wide range of CPU platforms, including the Intel Xeon (for server applications) and the Intel Atom (for entry-level operations) processors and supports a wide power input range and operating temperature of -20C ~ 60C. The ruggedized design and cast aluminum case offer vibration and shock protection, as well as a passive thermal solution that ensures silent operation.

All the MIC-7500 electric components are rugged and satisfy certification standards for environmental protection, EMI/ESD tolerance, and high-voltage surge requirements (2 kV) and finally, the MIC-7500 supports Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems and is equipped with Advantech’s SUSIAccess remote management software utility for convenient management and system protection.

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