Honeywell Introduces Uniformance Suite as IIoT Analytics Platform

HoneywellUniformance3Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has launched UniformanceSuite, a fully integrated system of process software solutions that turn plant data into actionable information enabling smart operations.

“The Uniformance Suite is Honeywells analytics platform for digital intelligence and a big part of our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy,” said Ali Raza, vice president of HPS Advanced Solutions business. “The software suite provides powerful data analytics capabilities to enable customers to capture the data they need, visualize trends, collaborate with other users, predict and prevent equipment failures, and act to make informed business decisions.”

Using a common asset model, the Uniformance Suite collects and stores all types of data for easy retrieval and analysis. It predicts and detects events based on underlying patterns and correlations while linking process metrics with business KPIs for better decision making. The suite also enables IIoT, mobility, cloud, big data, and predictive and enterprise analytics.

“Our customers are challenged to drive a culture of safety, reliability, efficiency and agility in their organizations, more so now than ever before,” said Raza. “They need access and visibility to real-time performance against business metrics. The Uniformance Suite software solutions are designed to work in unison to give businesses the ability to put their data to work.”

As part of the expanded Uniformance Suite, Honeywell has introduced Uniformance Insight, which allows customers to visualize process conditions and investigate events from any web browser. Built on an intuitive platform using thin-client software, there are no downloads or installations required. Uniformance Insights ad-hoc analysis capability helps customers find the root cause of issues faster.

Uniformance Insight correlates historian information along with KPIs and an asset database all in one tool, and enables easy collaboration with others. Uniformance Insight can increase productivity and reduce investigation time by up to 50 percent. Users can login to any web browser on their network, including from PCs or tablets, and share trends, dashboards and more via a link.

“Uniformance Insights thin client capability means I can have more team members use this tool without having to install any special software on their computers,” said Heath Case, process control engineer and Uniformance PHD Administrator for DuPont Protection Solutions. “Because I don’t have to go to each users PC to roll out these changes, it translates into both cost and time savings.”

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