HMicro Licenses and Deploys CEVA Wi-Fi IP for Healthcare and IoT Devices

CEVA, Inc. and HMicro has announced that HMicro has licensed and deployed CEVAs RivieraWaves Sense Wi-Fi IP in its WiPoint Wireless Technology platform.

hmicroThe WiPoint platform was specifically designed to address the challenging requirements of wireless peripherals in healthcare and the broad Internet of Things (IoT), particularly areas demanding industrial grade reliability. It integrates the RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IP together with HMicro developed RF/analog and other technologies including Ultra WideBand (UWB) and Medical Band (MB) radios to form a power-optimized triple-mode hybrid radio based solution that seamlessly transitions between the three options as needed, maximizing link integrity and ensuring the lowest power option is chosen when more than one is available. The Wi-Fi portion of the radio is optimized for excellent energy efficiencydays of continuous operation from a coin cell – enabling applications previously not feasible with Wi-Fi. The WiPoint technology platform is already in design with leading medical equipment manufacturers developing wireless monitoring patches that sense patient vital signs and other metrics.

At HMicro, were addressing the technical challenges of new IoT applications where many tens of devices in close proximity require data streaming of high integrity, simultaneously, said Surendar Magar, CEO of HMicro. CEVAs silicon proven Wi-Fi IP helped us immensely to deliver an outstanding solution offering great reliability and power efficiency at low cost in a very small footprint and allowed us to significantly simplify the design effort of the Wi-Fi portion of our WiPoint SoC (system-on-chip).

Aviv Malinovitch, vice president and general manager of CEVA’s Connectivity business unit, commented: HMicro is bringing a unique approach to wireless communications for healthcare and IoT and is well positioned to capture the huge potential of these markets. We are delighted to partner with them for their Wi-Fi requirements and look forward to continued success together.

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