GE Intelligent LED Lighting Connects with Apple HomeKit Ecosystem

Beth Comstock,President & CEO, GE Business Innovations, has shared GEs plans to engineer intelligent, color-changing LED lightingcompatible with Apples HomeKit during GEs Connected Future event, unveiling LED-enabled Intelligent Environments capabilities for cities,buildings and homes.

Aswe continue to grow our infrastructure business by connecting our industrial machines to the Internet, it is important that consumersexperience connected things in easy-to-use, everyday ways. Lighting is how many first experiment with the idea of a smart home, and our insights show that consumers want the ability to control lighting from anywhere, automate lighting and pair lighting with other deviceslike sensors, thermostats and door locks, said Comstock. Were excited to announce our support for HomeKit as it will bring a seamless, intuitive user experience using Siri and superior quality of light from Americas most trusted lighting brand for more than acentury.

Embedded withGE Align technology, GEs HomeKit-enabled LED bulb takes smart home technology a step further, giving consumers the ability to automate lighting according to the bodys natural sleep circadian rhythm. Lighting impacts our sleep patterns, and GE Align tunes the light spectrum to help promote the bodys natural sleep cycle by controlling the blue concentration of light output.In the morning, GE Align produces a bright, bluer tone that suppresses the bodys production of melatonin, and in the evening it produces an amber light, reminiscent of candlelight and campfires.

HomeKit provides an easy, secure framework to easily navigate, integrate and control GE intelligent LED lighting. The unit enables individual device control and grouping devices into scenes all under one command. It promotes interoperability and integration with other connected devices, while secure pairing through authentication and end-to-end encryption between GE intelligent LED and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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