Worlds First IoT Smart TV AllJoyn Certifed

AT4 wireless has announced that Certification Testing for the first wave of AllJoyn Certified products has been successfully performed, being LG webOS TV from LG Electronics, the first consumer electronics device in compliance with IoTAllJoynCertified program.

AT4 wireless, which has been recently selected as the only Authorized Laboratory for new AllJoyn Certified Program, has successfully performed the required conformance and robust real world interoperability testing for the end products and software components which are part of thefirst wave of products allowed to show AllJoyn Certified mark.

LG webOS TV from LG Electronics is part of this group of products, becoming the worlds first Smart TV AllJoyn Certified.

AllJoynCertification on LG webOS TV ensures that this LG product interoperates in an AllJoyn ecosystem smoothly with other AllJoyn devices, being able to be configured and controlled, display notifications, etc. in a simple and secure way, thus enabling the Internet of Things.

We are delighted to have worked with LG and AllSeen Alliance in the worlds first time a smart TV is AllJoyn Certified. We are already supporting other clients that have selected AllJoyn open source framework for their products, seeking for a secure communication with other IoT products; AT4 wireless is at the forefront of IoT market and is providing its clients with a one stop shop service for getting the market efficiently, allowing them to test once and use their products everywhere said, Jose Aurelio Rodrigo, wireless test solutions manager, AT4 wireless.

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