The Connected Yard Goes Mainstream with Affordable New Smart Watering Controller

Blossom8_FamilyThe Internet of Things (IoT) revolution has arrived and is transforming our everyday lives. What if the automated capabilities of a smart home could be extended out to the yard? Making the concept of a yard that can think for itself a reality for consumers everywhere, Blossom is introducing its new, eight-zone Blossom 8 Smart Watering Controller. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and a sleek, slim, low-profile design, Blossom 8 is a reliable, simple, cost-effective solution that takes the guesswork out of controlling your sprinklers and simplifies your life. In conjunction with World Water Day, Blossom 8 is available for pre-order at a special price of just $99.

An early innovator in the smart sprinkler market, Blossom is noted for creating the first 12-zone indoor/outdoor smart watering controller, which debuted to rave reviews. This was no small feat. Designing a smart sprinkler controller that could reliably operate both indoors (inside your garage next to a water heater, for example) and outdoors meant that Blossom had to overcome the many challenges associated with weather conditions. The great outdoors can also be a formidable obstacle when it comes to connectivity, as typically the controller would be placed outside on a stucco wall hardly a Wi-Fi friendly environment. Having successfully developed a product that delivered all of the benefits of a smart yard to a 12 zone sprinkler environment, Blossom sought to make this solution available to more homes (most residential sprinkler systems consist of eight stations or less). Blossom 8 was designed to be well suited for the typical yards diverse ecosystem of grass, trees and plants.

Blossom is changing the way we water our lawns by moving away from conventional watering controllers that dont take actual water needs based on vegetation or rainfall numbers into account. Tapping into the power of cloud computing, Blossom 8 self-programs existing sprinklers based on local forecast and daily data from thousands of weather stations and satellites combined with user feedback to create the ideal watering schedule. Blossoms technology ensures that each section of a yard is specifically watered based on layout and vegetation.

Built on the belief that IoT technology should make life easier instead of more complicated, Blossom 8 allows users to truly set it and forget it. No need for updates or integration with other IoT devices after the easy installation process that takes less than 15 minutes (a simple retrofit of the existing sprinkler controller), Blossom 8 builds a smart watering schedule via Wi-Fi connectivity and does everything on its own. Users can control Blossom 8 from their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and stay connected to their yard no matter where they are.

World Water Day focuses attention on the importance of fresh water and advocates for the sustainable management of fresh water resources, said Manrique Brenes, Blossom CEO and founder. With Blossom 8, the sentiment behind World Water Day can be acted upon every day. As one of the first companies to address the concept of a smart sprinkler system, we wanted to make the advantages they bring available to more people. Blossom 8 makes the beautiful, low maintenanceyard that people want more accessible while also speaking to their desire to do right by the environment and save money.

Blossom 8 has a user-friendly interface, is aesthetically pleasing and is designed to be placed indoors. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t cost much more than a conventional 8-station sprinkler controller and is priced lower than any other smart controller available today. With an MSRP of $129, Blossom 8 can pay for itself in water cost savings in less than one year. Once installed, Blossom customers can save up to 30 percent on future water bills.

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