Muzzley Announces Integration with GreenIQ

Muzzley, a smart home app that gathers all connected devices in one place for an intuitive user experience, has announced its integration with GreenIQ, a leader in the smart garden revolution with a full outdoor ecosystem, helping save up to 50 percent on water consumption. GreenIQ products can now be controlled on the Muzzley app, allowing users to create cause and effect rules between the irrigation system and other connected devices to maximize device capabilities.

Muzzley recently announced its workers feature, where users easily create connections between devices, regardless of brands and/or protocols. This feature makes life more efficient for smart home users and exemplifies one of the main purposes of the Internet of Things (IoT): using the Internet to connect devices in a way that makes consumers lives easier.

Our team is dedicated to taking IoT to the next level, and our brand partnerships are an integral piece of our vision for the future, said Eduardo Pinheiro, co-founder and CEO, Muzzley. Working with an innovative brand like GreenIQ showcases our app as an ideal solution for optimizing the smart home experience. We are working on machine learning updates for the future and are confident these connected devices will be able to be used even more effectively.

At GreenIQ, we are dedicated to making our device as easy as possible to use and control, so integrating with Muzzley made perfect sense for us, said Odi Dahan, CEO and Founder of GreenIQ. With Muzzley, users are able to make their gardening smarter and create rules with other connected devices, which truly is the next step of the smart home.

Muzzley is currently compatible with the following smart home devices: ecobee, Belkin WeMo LED, Belkin WeMo Switch, Belkin WeMo Light, Belkin WeMo Crockpot, Koubachi Plant Sensor, Tractive GPS Tracker, Trax GPS Tracker, Nest thermostat, Netatmo Weather Station, D-Link camera, Withings Smart Body Analyzer, and many others.

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