Identiv Partners With Chronicled, Inc. in Rapidly Growing Wearables IoT Market

Identiv, Inc.has partnered with Chronicled, Inc. to develop wearable sensors – or SmartLabels – to protect against counterfeiting of consumer goods. Chronicled eliminates knock-off sneakers from the market by tracking authenticity, ownership and provenance of brand name shoes.

Chronicled worked with Identiv Labs to develop a solution that validates each sneaker with high-security technology including NFC, Bluetooth, and digital certificates, integrated into a tamper proof SmartLabel. Chronicled joins more than 30 existing Identiv Labs customers who have partnered to bring their products to the Internet of Things (IoT).

“As a $1 billion market, collectible sneakers are at risk for rampant counterfeiting,” said Maurizio Greco, Chronicled CTO. “To combat fakes and re-instill trust and confidence, Chronicled is working with Identiv to create a 100-percent authenticated consumer platform. We plan to expand the use of authentication to other premium consumer goods, combating the more than $250 billion in counterfeit goods sold globally each year.”

The solution combines Identiv’s expertise in identity verification through digital certificates and purpose-built secure hardware, establishing secure objects with a trusted SmartLabel for each item.

Chronicled’s identity verification is paired with a consumer mobile application, allowing users to check authenticity, track products as they are resold, and understand the full item history. The Chronicled platform will be supported by an open-source registry upon which developers, partners, and third parties can build.

“Consumers no longer trust a simple printed label as a basis of authenticity, reducing trust and confidence in brand names,” said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO. “SmartLabels are the next evolution. The appearance of the product is not adversely affected as the sensor is small and can be hidden, and consumers can be confident that what they are purchasing, wearing, and reselling is authentic. We’re excited to be partnering closely with Chronicled to deliver the complete solution.”

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