Fabrico Medical Announces Webinar Entitled – Material Selection and Advanced Assembly for Body-Worn Devices

Fabrico Medical has announced a webinar presentation entitled - Material Selection and Advanced Assembly for Body-Worn Devices: How Medical Manufacturers Can Improve Their Products to Enhance Patient Care to be held on  October 22, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT | 2:00 PM EDT.  To register for the webinar Click Here.

Body-worn devices are small, reusable or one-time-use devices that can be used for drug delivery or for diagnostic purposes. An example is a diabetes patch pump that is used for insulin therapy. Patients must wear these devices for several weeks, even months, based upon the severity of their medical needs.

Medical manufacturers specifying the adhesive components for these devices must not only factor the patient wear time, including adhesion strength and skin condition, but must also take into consideration the ability to remove or reposition it without causing skin trauma, such as skin tears or stripping. Constant skin re-adherence can cause irritation and potentially infection, especially if the adhesive is too aggressive.

3M, the premier supplier of medical adhesive materials, has developed proprietary formulations that provide a strong bond while being easily removed from skin. Representatives from 3M will provide a detailed overview of the latest formulations that are specifically engineered for body-worn device applications.

In addition to material selection, material converting and manufacturing experts can recommend fabrication and assembly techniques required from prototyping to high-speed production to create parts and devices in virtually any shape or size, while also assisting with the integration of electronics, on-board controllers, and human interfaces that contain buttons or small screens.

This webinar covers the importance of materials selection, converting processes, assembly services, and the quality/testing procedures required to ensure body-worn medical devices, can be brought to market quickly, cost-effectively, and in full compliance. This presentation will describe how medical design engineers can partner with experienced medical materials suppliers and medical converters to improve their product design process.

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