Tridium Releases Version 1.1 of Niagara Analytics Framework

Tridium Inc. has released version 1.1 of its Niagara Analytics Framework, providing users with a data visualization module and the ability to use the software on any of the JACE 600 series hardware.

Niagara Analytics Framework is a product that uses real-time analytics at the edge (device-level) to harness the IoTs enormous power. Version 1.1 also provides additional flexibility when it comes to interfacing with a visualization package. While users can continue to use a third-party visualization product, the latest iteration of the analytics software comes with its own advanced visualization module, Niagara Analytics Explorer, a base HTML5 visualization module thats outside of the Workbench toolset.

In less than two years, the Niagara Analytics Framework has become an integral and highly valued component of the Niagara Framework, putting historical data and real-time analytics in the hands of users and giving them the insights they need to make cost-effective decisions, said Nino DiCosmo, president and general manager of Tridium. These new enhancements are not only designed to further improve the user experience, but also ensure that Niagara users are well-positioned to capitalize on the IoT data explosion.

With advanced alarming based on both historic and real-time data, historical trend exceptions and fault detection diagnostics (FDD), the Niagara Analytics Framework allows users to profit from big data by turning that data into cost-saving measures.

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