SparkFun and Blynk Release the SparkFun Blynk Board – ESP8266 and the IoT Starter Kit

SparkFun Electronicsand Blynk havereleased the SparkFun Blynk BoardESP8266 with access to the Blynk appand the Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Kit with the Blynk Board, which empowers users to buildmultiple projects without any additional parts.Built to bridge software and hardware, the Blynk Board and app offer anefficient way to link a smartphone to a microcontrollersimply turn it on, connect, and build aproject.

This combination enables users to control and monitor projects from anywhere in the world and buildintuitive graphic interfaces and mobile apps for projects by simply dragging anddropping widgets (including buttons, knobs, graphs, and displays). Users can leverage enhanced, builtin board functionality, including humidity and temperaturesensing, multicolor LED, and plenty of memory for complex projects.

The system allows the designer to build beginner or advanced projects with little additional hardware, without soldering,and without a background in programming. Users can access Blynk content and widgets, plus a library of tutorials to get started and view
sample projects, as well as easily connect Blynk to multiple boards and even have boards communicate with eachother. Addtionally designed can share projects with friends and collaborators.

The IoT Starter Kit provides the Blynk Board plus a diverse set of components – including amagnetic door switch, soil sensor, miniature photocell, servo, and linear slider – to build an arrayof webandphone connectedprojects.

We are committed to removing technical barriers and steep learning curves to enable makersof all skill levels to build innovative projects using their smartphones and a microcontroller, saidBlynk founder Pavel Bayborodin. By combining our technology with SparkFuns renownedhardware and support, we were able to develop a monumental tool.

The success of the Internet of Things has resulted in tremendous growth and opportunity in thearea of webconnectedhardware, said Nathan Seidle, founder and CEO of SparkFun. Therelease of the Blynk Board and the IoT Starter Kit marks a major step in this movement, and itwill help drive innovation by lowering the barrier of entry, giving more people the ability to solveproblems with technology.

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