Small Battery for Big Market

ACC189-BatteryGlobal battery manufacturer Accutronics has launched its smallest medical battery and charger. The mini credit card battery meets the trend in the medical and instrumentation sectors for the growing use of portable and handheld devices.

Accutronics’ new mini credit-card battery, the CC1150, occupies around half the footprint of a conventional credit card. Measuring in at 54 mm square and 9.5 mm high, it fits perfectly into smaller, handheld, devices with ease.

Featuring a state of the art impedance tracking fuel gauge, the CC1150 is equipped with an IC interface, simplifying its integration into the device. Enhanced circuitry provides further protection against over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit

“OEMs making handheld devices will be pleased to hear that, with the CC1150 mini, we’ve not only halved the size of our standard credit card battery, but we’ve also packed it with the same powerful features as its predecessor,” explained Neil Oliver, technical marketing manager at Accutronics. “At the same time, we’ve still met the vital IEC 62133 safety requirements for batteries manufactured for use in portable applications, as well as UN38.3 transportation regulations.

“To make it a truly global battery, we’ve accompanied the CC1150 with a new charger, the CX3050, which works anywhere in the world thanks to its AC power adapter and interchangeable blades. For portable and handheld devices, fast charging is just as important as long battery life, so we designed the CX3050 to charge the CC1150 in under 2.5 hours,” said Oliver.

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