Semitrex Addresses Global Energy Crisis with Technology for More Efficient Power Consumption

tronium-pssocAccording to the Department of Energy (DOE), a worldwide energy shortage is upon us. There just isn’t enough power in the grid to supply everyone all the time. Semitrex, a fabless semiconductor company, is addressing energy consumption through its energy efficient Power Supply System(s) on a Chip (PSSoC). This family of chips is called TRONIUM\’tron-’E-”um\, and it represents a comprehensive power conversion solution.

The energy crisis packs a one-two punch. The power grid is overburdened and, at the same time, we are becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices. Everything requires power, more than three billion electronic units manufactured each year need AC/DC power conversion. Currently, it typically takes over 14 different manufacturers’ parts to make a power supply. For years, companies have been trying to improve energy efficiency, but most have focused only on incremental improvements in their few chips, to solve only part of the problem. This ‘pieces and parts’ approach – where numerous semiconductor parts are embedded on several circuit boards – has yielded only marginal increases in energy efficiency to date.

Disrupting the existing dynamic, Semitrex has consolidated a fragmented industry by incorporating virtually every part necessary to make a power supply for circuits or chargers into one single module, vastly reducing the number of external parts.

“Everyone is looking for better energy efficiency,” said primary inventor Michael H. Freeman, J.D., CEO and CTO, Semitrex. “Our muxcapacitor cascading technology utilizes capacitive rather than inductive conversions for the primary voltage reduction. This new technology permits us to create the first comprehensive power conversion breakthrough the industry has seen in decades, which produces the highest energy efficiencies and the lowest standby power draws. Our cooler-running TRONIUM PSSoC requires less than a milliwatt of standby power to stay ready to respond to the next current demand.”

“At Semitrex, we’re all about quantum-shifting ideas that are designed to save lots of energy,” said Freeman. “We’ve carefully planned and executed all of the steps necessary to make our disruptive technology available to the world – and efficiently power all things electric for decades to come, including the Internet of Things.”

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