NXP Unveils Multi-Standard Charging Reference Platform and Adapters

NXP Semiconductor has released the industrys first 15 W multi-standard wireless charging solution simultaneously supporting both 15 W WPC Qi and 5 W PMA standards, further extending its wireless charging portfolio. Additionally the company unveiled a high efficiency multi-standard, Type-C charging adapters with aims to deliver a fast and smart charging experience.

Maintaining battery life has generally been recognized as a looming concern for mobile device users. NXP charging products are designed to offer more flexibility, usability and paves the way for faster and more convenient charging experiences for a variety of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, wearables, medical devices, power tools and point of sales equipment.

Delivering 3x the power of todays wireless charging methods, NXPs 15 W wireless offering is being implemented today and provides efficient charging of larger form factor devices as well as faster charging on smaller ones.

NXPs 15 W portfolio includes complete, pre-certified transmit and receive solutions that can be readily deployed into consumer devices. In addition, a modular firmware and advanced API make it possible to easily add extra features for more complex use cases. For instance, a solution for the automotive transmitter market, including NFC and CAN communication, extended temperature range and guaranteed supply longevity, is already available and being implemented by several auto manufacturers for deployment in high-end 2017 car models with the aim to drive mass market adoption for wireless charging.

We really see in-vehicle wireless charging as a natural place for broad adoption. The multi-standard solution offered by NXPs MWCT1x1x enables rapid adoption of wireless charging and uniquely eliminates the uncertainty of designing around industry standards, said Jeongyko Seo, research fellow at LG advanced R&D. Were excited to team up with industry leaders such as NXP to introduce convenient wireless charging experience to drivers.

NXPs high efficiency multi-standard Type-C charging adapters includes TEA190x, TEA1936, and TEA1993. Designed for the mobile and computing market, NXPs ACDC fast charging adaptors feature best-in-class safety and power density. Additionally, they feature multi-protocol support for USB-PD, QualcommQuickcharge 2.0 and 3.0 and direct charging protocols; best-in-class energy efficiency and digital integration enable small size and >12 W/inch 3 power density (25 W in 2 inch3); and extensive set of hardware integrated protection features cover relevant failure use cases.

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