Kyocera Announces 5857 Series .35 mm Pitch Board to Board Connector

Kyocera5857Kyocera Connector Products Corp. announcedthat it has developed the 5857 series 0.35 mm pitch Board to Board Connector to be used insmartphones, wearable devices and other electronic equipment.

In the market for electronic equipment such as smartphones, wearable devices, tablet PCs,digital still cameras (DSC), and digital audio players, an increasing number of componentsare being applied to attain multi-functionality, with a growing requirement for smaller andthinner parts and higher density mounting to utilize limited board space more effectively.While components have become smaller and thinner for space-saving mounting, the decreasein strength of these components has become an issue.

The 5857 series newly developed by KCP are space-saving Board to Board Connectorsfeaturing a fine pitch of 0.35mm, stacking height of 0.7mm (between boards) and a width of1.9 mm. With the fine-pitch and low-profile features, the connector achieves high robustnessby covering both ends with metals, which prevents the connector from damage caused bymisalignments. The new product has a unique contact structure like the KCPs existingproducts, attaining high contact reliability against vibrations or drops.

With the launch of this product, KCP will contribute to the realization of smaller and thinnerelectronic equipment with higher density mounting which will be continually required in thefuture.

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