HID Global Introduces New On-Metal Tags That Meet RAIN RFID and NFC Standards

HID Global has introduced new Brick Tag Ceramic UHF transponders and SlimFlex HF OM tags that are designed and architected to withstand environments requiring metal applications, while complying with evolving industry standards. The tags demonstrate the companys continued commitment to the rapid expansion of RFID solutions for industrial, Internet of Things (IoT) and near field communications (NFC) applications.

As the market demands more security and sophisticated IoT and NFC applications, transponders must be designed to perform regardless of deployment environment, size, shape or component materials, said Richard Aufreiter, director of product management for Identification Technologies with HID Global. HID Global is constantly developing new and innovative tag configurations and cross-functional capabilities. The new tags are the latest examples of how we are leading the industry in RFID technology that simplifies asset management and product protection while streamlining manufacturing operations for metal tools, equipment and appliances.

Aufreiter also cited membership in the RAINRFID Alliance as evidence of HID Globals commitment to advocate the standardization of UHF RFID technology. RAIN RFID is a global organization promoting the universal adoption of UHF technology solutions across different markets.

In order to facilitate a long-lasting fixture of Brick Tags, HID Global works closely with Henkel, a leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. We collaborate in selecting the right adhesives to match the demanding environments for which the tags are designed, said Kathrin Horstmann, Market Development Manager General Manufacturing Western Europe with Henkel. For example, the new Brick Tag Ceramic UHF transponders are used for a specific solution that withstands medical device and industrial applications.

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