Electro Industries Releases Alarm Email Notification and IOT Capability for the Shark 200 Power Meter

Electro Industries-GaugeTech Shark 200The Shark 200 meter now supports email on alarm. This allows the power meter to alert an end user when an alarm condition occurs. Such alarms can include over/under voltage, high demand, breakers’ operations and many other important power system anomalies.

In addition, the Shark 200 power meter now supports the ability to post energy reads on a scheduled basis using SMTP protocol. With this new technology, the meter can send this data out to a cloud-based software system for Internet of Things applications. Data can be sent to a cloud server that meters power usage, apparatus status, and many other functions.

The Shark 200 unit is one of the leading meters used worldwide to measure and report on electrical power. It has proven to be a reliable and powerful tool for Industry and Utilities, for the measurement and communication of electrical power values.

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