Crouzet Automation Debuts Internet of Things Control Solutions for Water and Waste Treatment

CrouzetCrouzet Automation has released a new em4 nano-PLC with remote capabilities and proven Millenium 3 Smart Logic Controller, both designed to control, measure, monitor and log data for a variety of water and waste treatment applications.The products offer water professionals unique advantages not available with other types of controls, including remote management capabilities and easier than ever software programming.

Demonstrating Crouzet Automation’s commitment to the water industry, the company is also introducing a Water and Waste Treatment brochure that not only details valuable application information, product features, benefits, and specifications; it also provides a convenient chart that makes it easy to compare and choose the most appropriate control solution from the em4 and Millenium 3 product range.

Developed for customers specializing in machine-to-machine technology, the em4 nano-PLC provides a totally integrated solution that allows device connectivity via the internet, without adding additional modules. The em4 series includes theem4 remote (through web or smartphone),em4 alert for sending SMS or email alerts andem4 local for applications that do not require remote communication or require only a local area network

With its internet connectivity capability, the em4 remote provides programming, monitoring and control, and data logging with remote management of an application, a single machine or a fleet of machines. This complete solution includes the nano-PLC, SIM card, data exchanges as well as remote access web (em4web) and mobile platforms (em4 app).

Second in the control solutions line-up is the Millenium 3. This smart logic controller has capabilities to control and monitor machines or automated installations with up to 50 I/O, and features the easiest programming software on the market. The compact controller includes dedicated function blocks for application specific solutions and expandability.

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