Cloud-Based Monitoring System Uses Modbus Capabilities to Safeguard Agricultural Facilities

SendintelPROSensaphone introduces its Sentinel PRO remote monitoring system for protecting livestock and agricultural inventory. Farm operators and growers can use the Sentinel PRO system to constantly monitor unattended areas such as livestock pens, barns, storage facilities and greenhouses for changes in temperature and other critical environmental conditions.

When the Sentinel PRO system detects a problem such as high/low temperature, humidity fluctuations, water leaks and power outages, it immediately sends alerts via phone, text or email. This instant notification allows personnel to take fast corrective action, save critical inventory and quickly address a potentially costly situation.

The Sentinel PRO monitoring and data acquisition system interacts with all existing sensors within a facility, providing operators with on-demand, real-time status and data acquisition from any Internet-connected device. It functions as a data logger with unlimited storage collecting data and pushing it to the cloud for alarming, reporting and viewing real-time status. The Sentinel PRO system supports the Modbus communications protocol and includes a second relay output capabilities required to monitor and control complex networks.

“Sentinel PRO is ideal for agricultural professionals who need a convenient way to remotely monitor livestock and equipment, said Robert Fusco, Sensaphones Technical Support and Service Manager. By integrating devices, the system can immediately deliver critical system-wide information.

Only one Sentinel unit is required to monitor up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions including temperature from -109 F to 168 F. Multiple devices can be managed from one account using web-based management tools. No software is required, so installation, integration and management of the system are fast and easy.

Data values can be viewed in real time via sensaphone.net or the Sensaphone iPhone/Android app. The standard Sentinel system is Ethernet based, but it is also available with a cellular option for remote locations that do not have Internet access.

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