Bluvision Releases iBeek+, Beacon with the Longest Battery Life in the Market Today

Bluvision iBeek_Bluvision hasreleased a new addition to their line of beacon products the iBeek+. The iBeek+ boasts the longest battery life available in the market today exceeding 10+ years. It is well suited for both large-scale enterprise RTLS (Real-Time Location Services) deployments that need to frequently transmit large amounts of data, over the life of an asset as well as retail industry deployments that require multiple Eddystone and iBeacon frames broadcast at high transmission rates from the same beacon.

Beacon battery life depends on three factors – the transmitting power, the advertisement intervals, and the number of frames being transmitted. Generally, when beacon companies tout of ‘long battery life’ beacons, they are doing so based on unrealistic use cases. iBeek+, on the other hand, can provide more than six years of battery life transmitting iBeacon maximum at 0dB with the transmission rate at 100 ms or 10 times per second (full rate), running 24/7/365, before enabling any power saving features. If iBeacon and Eddystone are set at normal rates (with both iBeacon’s frame and Eddystone transmitting all three frames at the same time,) iBeek+ battery life can last for over 10 years.

“As more companies integrate IoT workflows into their core business processes, there is a need for various form factors to cater to the specific needs and use-cases,” said James Buchheim, CEO, Bluvision. “Bluvision is unique in that we write and optimize our own firmware and design and manufacture our hardware, giving us the ability to optimize hardware for specific use-cases. This puts us in a favorable position to handle and adapt to the constantly changing enterprise requirements.”

The iBeek+, like Bluvision’s other form factors, supports both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols simultaneously and is designed to support IP67 – making it both water resistant and environment proof. The iBeek+ has sophisticated authentication and encryption capabilities, allowing for enterprise workflows over a secure network. Enterprises can remotely manage their fleet of beacons, in real-time, through Bluvision’s cloud solution – Bluzone. iBeek+ also has the options for many built-in sensors, including accurate temperature, accelerometer, magnetometer, and ambient light, with the ability to internally record sensor data in the beacon.

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