Bluetooth Low Energy – PAN1740 Beacon

panasonicbeaconIntroducing Panasonics Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon based on one of the worlds most energy efficient modules, Panasonics PAN1740. The ultra-low power consumption of less than 5mA in Tx mode enables the PAN1740 Beacon to run on a single coin cell battery for years. This compact beacon is just 26 x 24 mm and includes an antenna, ARM CORTEX M0, 256 kB flash and CR2032 coin cell battery holder. The PAN1740 Beacon is pre-configured (using flash memory) for out-of-the-box evaluation and use. Simply apply power by inserting a CR2032 battery and see the beacon using the Locate Beacon App from the Google Play Store. The integrated flash memory is available for custom applications.

Beacons continuously transmit a universal unique user ID (UUID) number to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. An app then uses that UUID to execute a course of action such as ranging and indoor positioning, providing shoppers with personalized sales pitches, special promotions and coupons at specific store locations and presenting the user with additional information on points of interest. This asymmetrical scheme, where the beacon transmits only its UUID, and the app carries 99% of the processing load, allows beacons to be highly efficient and run for years on a coin cell.

The PAN1740 Beacon may be purchased individually or in production quantities. The PAN1740 Beacon Kit enables designers to create custom applications and beacon specific parameters (UUID, Major/Minor ID). EachPAN1740 Beacon Kitconsists of five PAN1740 Beacon ETUs, Dialog Pro Motherboard, Beacon Adapter Board and Adaptor Cable. The PAN1740 Beacon ETU is a standard beacon with an 18 pin female connector compatible with the Beacon Kits adaptor cable.

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