Barcoding, Inc. Launches Active Asset Tracker (AAT) Solution

Barcoding, Inc.has launched its Active Asset Tracker (AAT) Solution. Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, the solution turns physical assets into sensors that provide enterprises with near real-time physical inventory visibility.

In combination with Barcodings mobile AAT App (compatible with iOS and Android), the BLE beacons allow users to continuously and accurately track information about an assets presence, temperature and movement. Once placed on tracked assets, the beacons communicate data every two seconds to smartphones over 150 feet away, even when inside a vehicle or container. From the mobile application, users can change an assets state, such as en route to on site. The beacons LED indicates this status to assist in asset identification.

Data transmitted from the beacon includes asset ID, signal strength, battery life, location, LED state, maximum/minimum/current temperature and more. Users can view this information from the AAT apps dashboard and even set up email alerts based on threshold exceptions. Easy to deploy and integrate with existing equipment, beacons come with serialized barcode labels to enable quick association with assets. Plus, beacons are powered by a button cell with a battery life of up to five years.

In certain applications, deploying AAT with BLE technology can be easier, faster and more cost effective than using passive RFID technology. However, depending on the use case, Barcoding can deploy its AAT Solution in conjunction with its passive RFID system. This creates a hybrid system, using both technologies deployed in one, single application.

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