Ayla Networks Announces Ayla Insights, an IoT Platform Service that Delivers Actionable IoT Business Intelligence

Ayla Insights_dashboard light bulbAylaNetworks now delivers accessible, cost-effective IoT data analytics and business intelligence through the Ayla Insights value-added service, which is an extension to its IoT platform. By transforming real-world data generated by IoT products into actionable information, the Ayla Insights service provides a feedback loop that manufacturers can use to improve processes, iterate and improve product development and to create and deliver new value-added services to their customers.

The end game of the IoT is all about the data generated by connected productshow best to capture and use it to gain tangible benefits, without having to become a data scientist first, said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. Ayla Insights is important because its fully integrated with the Ayla IoT platform and is designed to present manufacturers with the information they need, in a manner thats simple to digest, so they can speed product innovation, enhance customer experiences and boost their revenue streams.

Ayla Insights takes care of all the development effort needed to generate industry- and device-specific reports about IoT-connected products such as heaters, air conditioners, smoke detectors, home appliances and lighting fixtures. Manufacturers do not need to do any custom software development.

Instead, manufacturers can use the Ayla Insights simple dashboard interface to see detailed information and generate application-specific and dynamic ad-hoc reports about how actual customers are using their connected products and how those products have moved through the supply chain. They can answer questions such as, How many products have been sold, to whom, and where? How often are customers using the products, at what times, and for how long? What features are customers using most frequently? Are the products performing to specs?

Ayla Insights is Optimized for Manufacturers of IoT Products

Ayla Insights differs from other IoT analytics approaches in a number of ways, including:

  • Manufacturers do not need to hire data analytics expertise or write custom software code.Built on a leading data analytics engine, Ayla Insights presents full-featured IoT data analytics and business intelligence thats designed specifically for manufacturers of connected products, and for particular vertical markets and applications.
  • Manufacturers retain ownership of their IoT data.Manufacturers connecting to the IoT using the Ayla cloud maintain full ownership and control of their connected product data. Aylas approach is not shared by most other IoT cloud providers, who require access or ownership of manufacturers data in return for use of their cloud services.
  • Ayla Insights inherits all the capabilities and goodness of the Ayla IoT platform, with which it is fully integrated.The Ayla IoT platform gives manufacturers connected products comprehensive IoT connectivity, from device to cloud to mobile app, as well as unmatched flexibility and configurability. Ayla delivers all the benefits of connectivity with other IoT clouds, along with broad support for the protocols and standards important for manufacturers. Ayla Insights taps into these broader IoT capabilities to help manufacturers learn more about their connected products usage and performance.
  • Manufacturers gain both a general, horizontal view and an industry-specific, vertical-market focus into their IoT data.Ayla Insights provides an industry-specific focus for major IoT vertical markets, as well as a general horizontal platform for insights across all kinds of connected products.
  • Ayla Insights provides role-based access to IoT data and analytics tools.Manufacturers can determine the level of data access allowed for various users within their organizations, such as by product design, business development, customer service or finance personnel.

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