Afero Launches Platform to Securely Connect the Internet of Things

Mobile and hardware veterans fromGoogle, AppleandNest unveiled Afero, the platform that brings a higher level of connectivity and security to the Internet of Things, both inside and outside the home. Led by Joe Britt, formerly an engineering director at Google Android and co-founder of Danger, the Afero team has spent nearly two years developing a platform that includes integrated hardware, software, and cloud services for IoT connectivity and data analytics. The company is now launching to the public and announcing its collaboration with Murata, Infocom, and Bandai.

We firmly believe that 2016 will be the year that begins to connect the world not just the home, said Afero CEO Joe Britt. Bringing new intelligence to products and services that reach billions of people will change lives in ways we cant yet imagine. But it will take a sophisticated, comprehensive, and secure platform to allow us to get to that point safely. Thats what we created with Afero.

Afero is a secure, end-to-end IoT platform that unlocks smart capabilities for any product in virtually any industry. The platform incorporates a secure Bluetooth Smart module, scalable cloud services, mobile apps, and a range of development tools. Afero reduces the complexity of IoT development and provides a secure connection between devices and the cloud, allowing companies and developers to deliver innovations to the burgeoning marketplace faster.

Security was a primary impetus behind the creation of Afero and is deeply woven throughout the platforms architecture. The team developed advanced, patent-pending authentication and encryption technologies to ensure that no data can be accessed maliciously from any device or gateway point on the platform.

Afero combines connectivity and security at the three key touch points for all connected devices:

  1. The product, through an embedded, secure radio module
  2. The mobile phone, through app-level monitoring and control
  3. The cloud, through web APIs

This complete platform accelerates the creation of connected devices by minimizing the investment normally required for software development and testing, while ensuring a secure and scalable solution.

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