Advantech Launches WebAccess 8.1 Intelligent Dashboard

AdvantechWebAccessAdvantechs IIoT iAutomation Group has announced WebAccess 8.1 SCADA software. Going beyond SCADA, WebAccess 8.1 is also a HTML5 Business Intelligent Dashboard which can be viewed from anywhere on any HTML5 compatible browser. The Business Intelligent Dashboard analyses data and helps managers make immediate decisions. WebAccess 8.1 provides developers the tools to design their own widgets, applications, and the ability to integrate Microsoft Excel reports. Through HTML5, up to 1,024 clients with varying access levels are able to read information and make changes from wherever they are using either the Internet or Intranet.

The front-end of WebAccess 8.1 is the dashboard and through the HTML5 graphical user interface, users are able to monitor and diagnose issues with their end devices. Through the use of many built-in widgets, customers are able to watch and analyze equipment to see the information they prefer. The large number of pre-built widgets gives users the ability to start immediately without the need to program extra functions. Using Widget Builder, users can create their own widgets with east and without programming. WebAccess 8.1 offers the ability to import and export projects to ensure consistency cross multiple projects and users can back-up their dashboard to the cloud in the event of a fatal system crash. WebAccess 8.1 has an integrated video system which can be used to perform real-time monitoring, track video playback, and check video with alarm mechanism.

WebAccess 8.1 SignalR open interface is used to push data to the dashboard from the WebAccess core the moment a change on the system occurs, thereby speeding up the time it takes to respond to an issue. Through the use of three open interfaces, developers have the opportunity to develop applications from the bottom up. The Web Service interface allows partners to integrate WebAccess data into applications and application systems. The pluggable widget interface lets developers write their own widgets to run from the dashboard. Lastly, the WebAccess API allows developers to write DLLs to use in Microsoft Windows applications. The open source approach to development gives users the greatest amount of flexibility for those who require it.

WebAccess 8.1 goes beyond SCADA by providing the ability to produce reports in Microsoft Excel. Included is a set of Excel templates or users can build their own templates to generate reports to help predict the status of equipment. WebAccess 8.1 is helping deliver information across the cloud in the era of the Internet of Things, and will help integrators of water treatment plants, facility management systems, renewable energy systems, etc.

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