AdMobilize Announces Matrix, a Developer Platform that Lets you Build Smart Home Applications in Minutes

Matrix is a operating system and small device that is revolutionizing the Internet ofThings by launching a powerful platform that allows developers to easily create and deploy IoTapplications in minutes.Currently, Internet of Things applications and devices take months, if not years to develop.

To drastically cutthis time down, developers are given every tool they need with the Matrix OS; a simple developer platformand a Matrix device with fifteen embedded sensors such as temperature, camera, and microphone. Thesensors can be used as a starting point for developers when creating Internet of Things applications, instead of
procuring the sensors themselves. Those who like tinkering can integrate peripherals like Z-Wave, Zigbee andIR as dongles to the Matrix.

Creating and deploying applications for the Internet of Things using the MATRIX platform is easy for noviceand advanced developers. By leveraging GoogleV8 JavaScript Node.js, developers build IoT apps using justseven lines of code. We combine access to powerful libraries, including computer vision, machine learning, anddata processing, with an easy to use API and a robust SDK (including a CLI tool).

Within the platform, developers find a dashboard to manage applications and utilize a command line interfaceto deploy apps. The platform also has the option to filter native data as well as view and edit raw data.Developers are able to quickly create applications that are able to turn the air conditioner off when someonegestures they are cold, or turn the lights off and lock all of the doors when theres no motion for a certainamount of time. When developers use the tools available in the platform, the possibilities for Internet of Thingsapplications are tangible and all-encompassing.

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