Uniweld Launches the SmarTech Digital Manifold With Bluetooth Connectivity

SmartTech-DigitalManifoldUniweld Products has introduced their SmarTech Digital Manifold Part# USMAN5. A new website,smartech.uniweld.com, has been created to showcase Uniwelds SmarTech Digital Manifold. Visit the website for a complete overview of the digital manifold and learn how it works in conjunction with the free SmarTech app, available onAndroidand iOS devices.

The SmarTech app clearly displays temperature and pressure readings and automatically calculates Superheat and Subcooling calculations in real-time as the temperature and pressures fluctuate. All of the guess work is taken out of properly charging a system with the Smart Charge Zone feature. Color indicators signal whether the system is overcharged (red), undercharged (blue), or has an accurate in the zone system charge (green).

Technicians can choose from 109 refrigerant types and create a custom list of their most commonly used refrigerants. Professionalism is enhanced with the System Performance Reporting. Visit the SmarTech website to see a video that highlights all of the features and advantages of the SmarTech Digital Manifold as well as all of the accessories included in the bundle. The SmarTech Digital Manifold by Uniweld is unexpectedly more.

The SmarTech Digital Manifold is complimented and works with Uniwelds SmarTech Digital Vacuum Gauge Part# UVG. This vacuum gauge is very compact in design and instantly displays accurate vacuum measurements (0-25,000 microns) in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, and mmHg on an easy to read LCD screen. The UVG features self-calibration without the need of other equipment and an automatic oil sensor that indicates when the gauge needs to be cleaned. The UVG SmarTech Digital Vacuum Gauge will be available early in 2016 so keep an eye out for this exciting new piece of tech from Uniweld Products.

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