ROC-Connect Launches New Smart Home Master App and Ecosystem for Insurance Providers

ROC-Connect, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform technology company, has launched its new Cloud services, designed to support the needs of home insurance providers looking to enter the smart home market. The platform is designed to support the deployment of turnkey solutions for the IoT and smart home that will drive consumer engagement, increase loyalty, and reduce insured risk.

The IoT has the potential to seriously disrupt the insurance industry, yet 50 percent of more than 300 companies say they lack a clear strategy for IoT implementation according to a new FC Business Intelligence survey. ROC-Connects new ecosystem gives insurance providers the framework and tools they need to reinvent their business models and move from simply insuring against risk, to providing practical help for preventing losses.

While the IoT can help insurance companies and their customers prevent major losses, many insurers have yet to recognize the opportunity and develop effective strategies, said Marcus Scheiber, CEO and co-founder of ROC-Connect. Our new platform allows us to deliver a turn-key solution that secures access to data and gives insurance companies the ability to deploy smart home products and services that are customizable, simple and affordable.

The core element of the ecosystem, ROC-Master, provides insurance companies with a simple framework that allows them to deploy user apps for the smart home. It offers the flexibility to create full end-to-end branded smart home solutions with unique user experiences that can scale to support all IoT devices and the smart home. With the integration of embedded third party applications, ROC-Master also allows insurance providers to collaborate and sell additional apps, content, and services through ROC-Cloud, the companys cloud platform and in-home hub.

ROC-Master leverages ROMP, an open API architecture that allows developers the freedom to design and deliver their own unique apps and services using ROC-Cloud. This framework also enables ROC-Connect to offer and support apps for things. Insurance providers can use these features as part of the ROC-Connect Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) offering to monetize features in the different connected products they offer to their customers.

The platform also allows insurers to blend their products with IoT and smart home devices into a single app. The master app can then be used to bundle still more value added content and services, like alerts and advice for weather, hazards, and things like seasonal maintenance or on demand managed services.

ROC-Master is built out natively in iOS, Android, and Web to support the end-customer app-stores as mechanisms to deploy and update. ROC-Master will soon be available on Microsoft and support their mobile strategy on the Windows 10 platform.

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