RemoteLock from LockState Works with Airbnb’s New Host Assist Program


RemoteLock from LockState announced that it is one of the first integrations with Airbnb’s new Host
Assist program.Host Assist allows Airbnb hosts to connect with keyless entry companies, including RemoteLock from LockState, to easily coordinate guest entry by sending virtual keys/codes without the need to wait for guests, hide keys, or manually schedule times for access permission.

Hosts can choose to integrate their Airbnb listings with RemoteLock. When a guest books with a listing that uses Host Assist with a RemoteLock, the booking information is automatically sent to the RemoteLock system, which then creates a code on the lock that will activate when the booking starts, and expire when the guest is scheduled to check out.

“Over the years, RemoteLock from LockState has enjoyed helping many Airbnb hosts solve the problem of letting travelers in their properties with our cloud-controlled door locks,” said Nolan Mondrow, CEO of LockState. “We are excited to work with Airbnb to make it even easier for hosts to remotely manage and monitor their properties.”

RemoteLock gives hosts, property owners and managers the ability to monitor and manage access control for their guests. With the RemoteLock users can:

  • Give temporary codes to guests through the Airbnb booking system’s full integration with RemoteLock
  • Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone.
  • Know who enters your property and when.
  • Receive email or text alerts when codes are used.
  • No need for key exchanges or rekeying lock when keys are lost.

Providing security solutions for over a decade, RemoteLock offers multiple locks that will work for Airbnb hosts:

  • The RemoteLock 6i — the leading durable, weather-proof keypad WiFi lock — offers Airbnb hosts the best solution for managing access and monitoring usage of the lock.
  • The RemoteLock 500i (and forthcoming RemoteLock 5i) is the WiFi smart lock meant for indoor locations looking for smart lock solutions.
  • The ResortLock is the smart lock meant for locations without 24/7 WiFi, but still works with the Airbnb integration.

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