New KLUG Home Turns Your Router into Intuitive Smart Home Hub

How well does your smart home know you? For example, does it know that you like it a little bit chilly inside while you are sleeping but nice and toasty warm when you wake up? Intraix KLUG Home does. KLUG Home is a tiny USB device that simply plugs into your Wi-Fi router and connects you with the different smart devices around your home all on one interface, controllable via a smartphone app.

Named for the German word for smart, KLUG Home combines the two features that represent the future of a truly smart home: contextual awareness and voice control. KLUG Home employs machine learning algorithms to monitor and learn from a user’s personal changes and preferences, creating a synergistic, smart ecosystem as opposed to merely a platform. Giving users the ability to use their voice as a means of control, KLUG Home can talk to todays most popular digital assistants, including Alexa (Amazon Echo), Siri (Apple HomeKit) and Ok Google (Google Now). w

Lets face it smart home technology can be overwhelming. For something that is supposed to simplify your life, it actually can end up doing the opposite. Most of the smart or connected devices on the market today are really just sensors that are controlled remotely through the cloud via multiple interfaces on your smartphone. Simply adding connectivity doesnt make them intelligent. Intraix, makers of KLUG Home, believe that a smart home is really only smart when it starts to learn. In order to create actual intelligence, smart devices require a centralized controller to provide context. KLUG Home provides this context think of it as the brains behind your connected home.

It does all of this out of view, as its small form factor enables it to sit nicely behind your router, which also acts as its power source. Simply plug it in, and KLUG Home goes to work in the background connecting, organizing and steering all of your smart home devices leaving you free to go about your day.

KLUG Home supports the most popular smart devices, hubs and software on the market, including Nest, SmartThings and Amazon Echo. It integrates the most widely used, reliable and secure protocols (Wi-Fi and ZigBee, Apple HomeKit, Google Now) and can connect to many third-party smart devices, including: Fitbit, Netatmo Weather Station, Philips Hue lights, Billion smart plugs and various alarm systems and motion sensors.

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