GetWireless and Axesstel Bring Security Alert Offering To Bluegrass Cellular

GetWireless, a long-time partner Axesstel, has launched a security alert system for use on the CDMA network operated by Bluegrass Cellular. Bluegrass Cellular, a regional wireless carrier servicing Central Kentucky, identified a need within their subscriber base to achieve 24/7 self-monitoring of their homes via the Bluegrass Cellular network.

The alert system enables Bluegrass subscribers to monitor a home or other location from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets anywhere there is wireless coverage.
The offering is a wireless alert notification system with a built-in cellular module that can send an SMS (text) message or phone call to pre-assigned cell phones or home phones when a sensor detects motion. Arming and disarming can be achieved through the system’s keypad and or by sending a text via a free user-friendly app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices. Multiple motion detectors can be used with a single alert system.

According to Pat Gray (CEO) of Axesstel, “These systems can be used for a primary residence, a second/vacation home, storage buildings, garages, RV’s, elder care locations, and are ideal for working parents to know when kids enter or exit the home. The places for using an alert system are endless.”

This is a valuable offering for any wireless carrier, and can be a differentiator from their competition to retain and even increase their subscriber base. The equipment investment is minimal when compared to the increased ARPU (average revenue per user) and decreased churn within a carrier’s subscriber base. Bluegrass Cellular launched the device under its new “Security Solutions” product line and recently introduced a financing plan to create more affordable, flexible payment options for its customers.

Bluegrass Cellular is an example of how regional carriers can diversify by adding non-traditional service offerings for customers. According to Barry Nothstine, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Bluegrass Cellular, “The future of our industry lies in connecting people to what matters to them. And comfort is certainly one of those needs. By partnering with Axesstel and GetWireless to launch an alerting device, we’re able to give our customers more than just the latest industry innovation. We’re able to give them peace of mind.”

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