IOActive Speeds Ahead to Secure the Transportation Industry

IOActive, Inc., has announced new research to support its Transportation Security program, which addresses all elements of connected transportation, from automobiles, to airplanes, to trains and more. IOActive is the only security services firm to conduct extensive research on a broad range of transportation in an effort to help its customers provide safer vehicles.

Todays transportation methods are complex digital devices that require real-world cybersecurity methodologies to head off attacks before they happen. IOActive pioneered the vehicle security industry with its Vehicle Security program, and has since evolved this to include all methods of transportation. The expanded Transportation Security program is specifically grounded in years of research and working with some of the worlds largest organizations.

As IOActive has demonstrated in our Smart Cities research, the security of our connected world depends on manufacturers and their OEM partners, as well as telecommunications companies and after-market suppliers, working together to secure products that make our lives more convenient and safe. IOActives transportation research allows us to better partner with these types of organizations to address their security needs in a way that no other company can, said Chris Valasek, director of vehicle security research for IOActive.

IOActives Transportation Security program is part of the companys Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and industry call to action. IOActive goes beyond directly securing customers to also partner with manufacturers, industry leaders, and lobbying groups to help drive legislation to advance the security and safety of all transportation and all cities.

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