Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, and Transform Your Industry

A conversation with Maciej Kranz, VP of Cisco’s Strategic Innovations Group &
author of the new Building the Internet of Things Book

Q. What are the biggest misconceptions about IoT?
A. Two of the biggest misconceptions are: IoT is about connecting devices and, IoT is about connected home (inter-connecting devices in the home)

In fact, we see most of the applications of IoT in the business environment; however, down the road, I do expect key innovations to emerge in the consumer segment (but we are not there yet). Today, IoT is about business impacts driven by IoT solutions built around connected devices, data they generate, and applications. Continue reading

Driving IoT Security with Innovation and Intellectual Property Development

Kenie Ho, Carlos Rosario, and Mandy Song, Ph.D.

On October 21, 2016, a massive and sustained Internet attack, specifically a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack, caused network outages across large swaths of the United States and Europe. The attack launched with the help of hacked IoT devices, such as routers, video cameras, and digital video recorders. Continue reading

Top 11 Measures That Can Save You from IoT Threats

Thomas McGrath
Technical writer at 1E

Until a few years ago, if you were selling a smart home lighting system, you’d rhapsodize to your starry-eyed customers about its impressive cutting-edge technology, and demonstrate to them how their mobile phones could, almost in a moment of wizardry, communicate with the system on demand even when they would be vacationing in the Masai Mara. Continue reading

The Human Body and Building Synchronization

Anil Ahuja, President
CCJM Engineers

Much like the human body, buildings and cities have intricate systems that keep them running. Several principal elements of building systems are comparable to body system’s blood composition is similar to air quality in building systems, blood pressure is similar to pumping pressure in buildings, and body temperature control is similar to building temperature control. Continue reading

Mirai Botnet Shows Just How Vulnerable the IoT Really Is

Alan Grau, President and Co-Founder
Icon Labs

Internet-based attacks are on the rise and, increasingly, these attacks target IoT devices like DVRs, web cams, and appliances.

Cyber-criminals, hacking bots, industrial or international espionage agents, and even terrorist groups are now targeting industrial, military, automotive, medical, utility systems, and ultimately the internet itself, as demonstrated by the recent cyber-attack directed at Dyn (a domain name system host). The attack caused an outage in internet services for numerous large-scale internet-based companies. Continue reading

Providing Safer Roads through IoT

Christina Szoke, Co-Founder

Drivers are navigating 4 million miles of roads throughout the country. And, the majority of these drivers aren’t hitting the road for recreation or pleasure. They’re driving for a living; logging countless hours behind the wheel of a fleet vehicle. At times, road conditions change quickly and drivers are faced with difficult and dangerous conditions. Continue reading

When It Comes to IoT Security for Remote Equipment, Think About All the Moving Parts

Donald Schleede, Information Security Officer
Digi International

For the Internet of Things (IoT), security is becoming a non-negotiable requirement. Although some may mistakenly assume IoT data is not being targeted by hackers, remotely connected devices on the front lines of IoT solutions are being exposed to more frequent cyber-attacks because what appears to be mundane operational data represents value to those with malicious intent. Continue reading