Internet of Things Security – Are You Failing to Prepare?

Ian Kilpatrick, Executive Vice-President Cyber Security
Nuvias Group

Flickering lightbulbs, scary Barbie dolls, infected computer networks and cities out of action. Could this be the brave new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), if we neglect IoT security? Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security for Nuvias Group, discusses the unstoppable growth of IoT and the necessity for organisations to take appropriate measures to protect their computer networks. Continue reading

Securing the IoT: Five things You Need to Know

Dr. Mordechai Guri,Co-Founder and Chief Researcher

The frenzy surrounding all things IoT has quickly moved from unbridled excitement to dystopian warnings. From its potential to revolutionize the way we work and play, to visions of television sets turned spy and hijacked medical devices holding lives for ransom. With so much hyperbole, it can be difficult to cut through the noise to understand exactly where the problems lie in securing the IoT. Continue reading

IoT as a Catalyst for Digital Business Transformation


IoT is laying the foundation for a whole new world where connectivity breeds innovation. Like any other technological advancement, IoT will also pay a major role in reinventing the way businesses are done, services are delivered and customers are engaged. As a result, it will also set the stage for businesses to achieve Digital Transformation (DX) – the modern day survival strategy. Continue reading

Locking the Back Doors to Protect IoT Devices

Michael Patterson,CEO

The Internet of Things is no longer a futurist endeavor, but a mega market that is the driver for rocketing businesses into markets never thought of before. The IoT market is expected to reach 2995.2 billion by 2022 according to Scalar Market Research and Gartner Research has estimated that by 2020, 50 billion connected things will be on the internet. This is the fuse that has been lit and manufacturers are racing to be the first to market. With all the excitement and promise, the market has overlooked looked the potential for a bomb. Continue reading

India’s Current Start-Up Scenario Compared To The US: An Overview

The burgeoning start-up scenario has undergone a paradigm shift globally. It has witnessed several shifts in the predominant trends through the last few years. Though the current changes prevalent in India are also evident among the nations with a comparatively larger start-up ecosystem like the US, the start-up scenario in India varies on certain factors. Continue reading

How IoT is Driving Smart Construction and Maintenance

Q&A with Yasser Mahmud, Vice President of Industry Strategy
Oracle Construction and Engineering

In this exclusive Q&A, Yasser Mahmud, vice president of industry strategy with Oracle Construction and Engineering, discusses how the Internet of Things (IoT) is benefiting the construction industry, delivering dramatic improvements to areas such as worker safety, worksite resource management, and asset maintenance. Continue reading

A Dependable Duo: How Taoglas Helps Compology Drive Efficiency, Savings Across Waste Management Industry


There’s cash in trash, especially if you’re a waste hauler. Waste containers are everywhere – behind restaurants, retail stores and hotels, at office buildings, and on construction sites. San Francisco-based Compology’s waste container monitoring solution helps waste management companies be more profitable by helping streamline operations and enhance customer service through data collection. Continue reading