High-Value Asset Tracking in the IoT Era

Blog post by Numerex

As Internet of Things (IoT) solutions continue to be better understood and valued, companies are realizing the many advantages of cellular and GPS tracking and monitoring of high-value assets. Leveraging the latest advancements in M2M connectivity, tracking solutions can help ensure a companys assets are safe, secure and performing correctly.

Todays tracking solutions can offer an unprecedented level of visibility of remote assets in an infinite range of business and product use cases, including oil and gas, shipping, logistics, waste management, agriculture, construction, defense and disaster preparedness.

nxLOCATE ShipSpecific use cases include companies shipping hazardous materials through remote regions who need to have visibility of this volatile cargo. Or tracking pallets of valuable merchandise as they move from one location to the next to prevent theft, loss and improve real-time forecasting. In disaster relief scenarios, tracking solutions can help deploy high-value assets quickly, and to the places most in need.

To report the most accurate data, tracking devices should be able to withstand water, steam, dust, dirt and tolerate a wide range of temperatures. The device should also be able to monitor and collect data on humidity, light, shock, vibration, movement, and acceleration and deceleration for analysis and added business value.

For example, shock and vibration measurements can be used to find the optimum transport method or route for fragile products before any are actually shipped. In addition, light and movement sensors can be used to register if a shipment has been compromised by multiple unauthorized penetration and exactly where and at what time, helping to identify and eliminate points of shrinkage and theft.

nxLOCATENumerex, a leader in the IoT and M2M space, provides a cellular and GPS tracking device that supports multiple use cases within asset tracking. A component of its versatilenxFAST platform,nxLOCATE is purpose-built for asset location, monitoring, performance and management of fixed assets or assets in transit. Designed for harsh environments and providing easy monitoring of containers, bins, pallets, storage tanks, machinery and more, the device incorporates FOTA (firmware over the air) capabilities so it can be configured remotely to provide different levels of reporting based on whether units are in motion or stationary, minimizing the need for site visits.nxLOCATE also features a built-in accelerometer that can trigger reports based on unexpected motion, impact or tilt.

Knowing where, how and what assets are being deployed is a critical need for logistics professionals today. By tracking and monitoring these assets from an application on any connected device, managers can make smart decisions based on factual data, driving performance and creating significant competitive advantages.

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