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Revenue from Networked Lighting Control Systems is Expected to Grow at a 14.3% Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2017 and 2026

Smart Cities: Evolution or Inevitable?

Wiren Perera, IoT Strategy
ON Semiconductor

The percentage of human beings living in cities has increased substantially in the last few decades and this is destined to continue at a relentless pace. In 1800, only 3-4 percent of the population was urban dwelling, but by 1950, this had ramped up to around 30 percent. According to projections made by the United Nations and World Health Organization, it is predicted that by the year 2050, this figure will have more than doubled, reaching 66 percent, while rural populations continue to decline. Between now and the end of that time period, India will have added a staggering 400 million to its total urban populace and China will have close to another 300 million. Continue reading

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