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The Number of Smart Homes in Europe and North America Reached 30.3 million in 2016

How the IIoT is Revolutionizing Industry

By Juan Carlos Lazcano, Vice President of IoT
Gemalto, North American

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been heralded as transformational, by offering hitherto unparalleled levels of growth opportunities and efficiencies. For industries of all kinds from farming to aerospace harnessing the use of connected devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and big data is creating a revolution that will cut production times, reduce inefficiencies through predictive maintenance, boosting outputs and increasing revenues. Continue reading

Litmus Automation Announces Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro

Smarter LED Street Lighting Applications

Jonathan Catchpole, System Architect/Principal Engineer
TE Connectivity

LED Street Lighting is a technology and infrastructure with evolving demands. It is not only about bringing light to an area anymore, it is about anticipating tomorrow’s needs for value added services. Until recently, designers have mostly only been able to select ANSI/NEMA standard product lines, simply because no specific alternative or even European standard existed. Now, working with leading industry partners, TE Connectivity has developed a new connectivity solution for LED street lighting, while at the same time creating a standard for European outdoor luminaires. Continue reading

u-blox Announces Worlds Smallest LTE Cat M1/NB1 Multimode Module with Global Support for IoT and M2M Applications

Connecthings Joins AustinCityUP to Consolidate and Facilitate Proximity and Mobile Location Data on Smart 2nd Street

IoT is Accelerating the Globalization of Food Production and Processing