Connected Technology Highlights from CES 2016

Manfred Kube, Head of M2M Segment and Offer Marketing

Autonomous vehicles, digital health tattoos capable of transmitting health data to medical professionals and refrigerators equipped with touchscreens displaying photos of your food.Not so long ago they might have sounded like the stuff of science-fiction, but CES 2016 illustrated theyre now a reality.

As usual, there were lots of exciting, and sometimes wacky, IoT innovations on display at the show here are a few of our favorites.

Connected-CarConnected Cars
There have never been more cars at CES before. And from the looks of what was on display, technology companies and car manufacturers are united in their vision of vehicles becoming powerful IoT hubs.

Microsofts vision, spelled out at CES, is one where drivers will be able to interact with Office 365 services in their self-driving cars. Their Azure cloud computing system, a response to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, aims to allow drivers to answer emails, Skype friends and colleagues and set up entertainment for the children all from the safety and comfort of their car.

It has already partnered with Volvo, Nissan, Harman and IAV, and promise that wearables will have a role to play, perhaps even allowing you to control certain functions of your car via a fitness band.

We were also impressed by BMWs gesture-controlled connected car, the i8 Spyder Concept, which allows drivers to engage with the vehicles interface by simply moving their hand. Instead of dials on the car dashboard, users are greeted with a large screen, allowing them to choose their favorite music and engage with their smart home devices. Despite the innovative features, BMW have retained a sports car shape, blending the traditional and the futuristic, which we love.

All this leads us to conclude that future James Bond car chases might see the secret agent ordering a Martini on a touchscreen while evading his nefarious pursuers!

Nordic Smart HomeSmart Homes
For as long as the IoT has existed, tech manufacturers have used the smart fridge of an example of the potential benefits of a connected home. It seems that we still havent quite moved on from that idea, as both LG and Samsung revealed state of the art connected fridges.

Samsungs new Family Hub fridge garnered the most attention thanks to a giant touchscreen built into the front. With cameras inside, users can access a live feed of the fridges interior when out and about, meaning theres no risk of forgetting an important item when doing the weekly shop. By downloading a specialist app, youll be able to order groceries and control the fridges settings remotely, as well use it as a hub to control other smart home devices on the network.

We wonder how long itll be before kitchen appliances become so advanced that Hells Kitchen features a digital skills test for contestants!

Other connected home highlights at the show included Tado, a Nest-like smart thermostat, and LGs Hom-Bot Turbo+, a robot vacuum cleaner which streams live video to the users smartphone to allow them to steer it remotely.

Connected Health Gadgets
If follow the Gemalto blog, youll know that the health sector is set to be revolutionized by smart devices. Unsurprisingly, healthcare and fitness were key themes of CES 2016.

First of all, there were MC10s health tattoos sensors which attach to the patients skin and transmit data to medical professionals. Two types have been manufactured, with both clinical and recreational applications.

We were also excited to see a connected bed on display from Sleep Number, which adjusts its settings, such as firmness and support, based on the individuals needs. It also features emBEDded (pun intended!) biometric sensors to track your sleep and make recommendations.

Overall, CES 2016 once again provided exciting insight into the future of the IoT world. The year ahead promises to expand IoT innovation even further as a variety of industries and enterprises look to M2M connectivity to improve the way we work, live and play.

For more information visit www.gemalto.com and visit them at the 2016 IoT North America Conference. www.iotna.com

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