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What Does 5G Mean for IoT?

Chris Anderson, Vice President of Engineering

The universal goals of 5G are to decrease latency, provide at least a 10 times speed increase over LTE, and service up to a million Internet of Things (IoT) devices per square kilometer. To meet these goals, 5G networks will look a lot different than any existing 3G or 4G network. Deploying technology solutions in the millimeter wave spectrum has completely different requirements and challenges from anything currently commercially deployed. MORE

Alliances in Tacoma, Wash. Working to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Anderson Nascimento, Professor of Computer Science at UW Tacoma
Lars Harvey, VP of Security Strategy at Infoblox

Almost daily, the news is filled with stories about threats and attacks on cyberspace. In 2016 alone, a long list of notable US companies had their systems breached by increasingly skilled hackers. Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Verizon, Wendy’s and even the governments own Department of Homeland Security and FBI found themselves having to explain to the public how and why information that was supposed to be secure was now in the hands of criminals. Even the integrity of our democratic election was compromised. Clearly, no company, government or individual is safe from cybercrime. MORE

AT&T Introduces New IoT Analytics Solution Powered by IBM Watson on the Cloud
KLA Laboratories Promotes Dwaine Polio to Director of Technology Innovation
PodsystemM2M and Wyssen Increase Safety of Ski Season by Deploying Resilient IoT Connectivity in Avalanche Detection Devices
Ayla Networks Adds Amazon Alexa Integration to its IoT Platform
AT&T Strengthens Internet of Things (IoT) Offerings with Gemaltos Remote Subscription Management Solution
Libelium Upgrades its IoT Gateway Adding Interoperability with Telit and Ten New Cloud Partners
PrismTech Releases Vortex 2.4 – an Efficient Data Connectivity Solution
Long-Range LoRa Gateway from Laird Enables Low-Power IoT Networks in Any Geographic Location
Numerex Announces nxCONNECT LTE Wireless Backup
TrackNet Launches Tabs IoT Home and Family Monitoring Solution for Busy Families
Ayla Networks Adds Amazon Alexa Integration to its IoT Platform
Qorvo Introduces Multi-protocol System on Chip for Smarter Homes