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MQTT: Winning the War of IIoT Protocols

Colin Geis, Director of Product Management, IIoT
Red Lion Controls

The IIoT revolution is in full swing, but there are several contenders in the protocol market for communicating plant floor data to IIoT cloud platforms. While the leader of this race to connectivity appears to be MQTT, alternatives like AMQP, STOMP and REST APIs (among others) provide a variety of benefits that make a choice less than straightforward. Even within the MQTT universe, despite its status as a standard, varied interpretations and implementation practices cause difficulties for those crafting a solution. Making an informed decision on which protocol to select needs to originate with a recognition of the goals of IIoT programs, an understanding of how this compares to traditional industrial communications objectives and protocol choices, and a review of the benefits and limitations of competing IIoT protocols and platforms. MORE

Are You in Safe Hands? – Recent Healthcare Hacks Present Opportunity for OEMs

Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager

If you had to name a safe pair of hands, healthcare and medical practitioners would probably rank at the top. However, the medical technology (MedTech) they use is in a vulnerable state. Recent years have proven this extensively, with an unprecedented number of cyberattacks targeting critical medical equipment in hospitals. MORE

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