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Using Power Modules to Improve Time to Market and Reliability of Industrial IoT Devices

Vesa Jokitulppo, senior product manager
GE’s Industrial Solutions

A Coke vending machine at Carnegie Mellons computer science department was probably the worlds first Thing connected to the Internet[1]. With the command, “finger coke@cmua”, caffeine-deprived students and staffers could check for ice-cold Coca-Cola availability remotely. MORE

Securing Your Drive: Vulnerability Assessment & Architecting Security Solutions

By Krish Kupathil, founder and CEO

The recent WannaCry attack that hacked into some of the largest digital systems globally proved that anything digital can be hacked at any time. This rings alarm bells particularly for the automotive industry, which has seen the biggest technological transformation in the form of the connected car and the emergence of fully autonomous vehicles. MORE

AutoPi.io​ ​Releases​ Their​ ​Internet-of-Things​ Platform​ ​for​ Cars
u blox Enables the World’s First Narrowband IoT Based Smart Street Lighting System
Podsystem Group Introduces New Brand and Latest Innovations in IoT Connectivity
u-blox Announces Worlds Smallest LTE Cat M1/NB1 Multimode Module with Global Support for IoT and M2M Applications
Nordic Semiconductor Launches Accessible Bluetooth 5 SoC
u-blox Announces Worlds Smallest Quad Band LTE Cat M1 Module
Telit Certifies LTE-M Module with AT&T
Intersil Introduces High-Speed RS-485 Transceivers with Highest Reinforced Isolation
Telit Announces Category 11 LTE Full Mini PCIe Card
The First Remote Control Platform For The IoT
TrackNet Launches Tabs IoT Home and Family Monitoring Solution for Busy Families
Ayla Networks Adds Amazon Alexa Integration to its IoT Platform