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A Designers Guide to Smart Battery Applications

Michele Windsor, Direct Sales and Marketing Manager

When integrating a rechargeable battery into a professional application, especially into a mission critical medical or military device, the first things that come to mind are reliability and safety. However, there are many other factors designers need to consider throughout the various stages of custom battery design. Here, Michele Windsor, direct sales and marketing manager at professional battery manufacturer Accutronics, guides design engineers through the process of embedding batteries in medical, military or automation applications. MORE

The Fog is Getting Thicker

Alex Hardie,Principal
SDNNFV.net Labs

“…and Leon is getting larger!”

For the pop culture-savvy, this is a bit from the move “Airplane!”. For those in the industries of telecom and industrial process and control its a warning that fog computing has rolled in. It’s a gratuitous segue, but any reference to a line by Johnny is worth the effort, however clumsy. MORE

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