How Technology is Changing How We Eat

Technology has changed totally various aspects of food.  This post is for highlighting the ways in which technology has changed right from growing food till its delivery to the consumer:

Growing food:  Technology has changed the way have food is grown and offered for our consumption.  Genetics has enabled growing disease resistant, fast yielding varieties.

Need to cook minimized:  The need and the efforts to cook is minimized due to technology.  The market is loaded with a lot of processed food. Hence there is no need to elaborately boil, fry, grill or bake.  Working men find it easy to use readymade foods.

Awareness:  Gone are those days when people were eating junk and fast foods in a thoughtless way.  Lots of people take Christina Wistia as their inspiration and choose healthy living by following keto dieting. Technology has made this awareness possible.  Just try reading her articles and you will be surprised to see the wide range of benefits you would get by following simple and easy-to-follow changes in diet.  It ensures no compromise on reaping the nutritional benefits at the same time allows good use of healthy fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil.  It will change your perception that dieting is related to eating tasteless food.  On the contrast, it opens our vision of eating tasty food and maintaining good health.

The way we cook:  It is now possible to get all the vegetables in all seasons due to freezing methods.  Gadgets like microwave ovens and grillers have made possible to cook with less oil.  Also, the cooking time is reduced considerably.

Apps for food delivery:  There is no need to step outside the house in search of food.  You can order your food from your favorite restaurants using food delivery apps.

Marketing influence:  There is a lot of influence from advertisements on our eating decisions.  We get carried away by attractive marketing efforts.  The most advertised food products find their way in our regular grocery lists.